Erdroid is an app for Android that permits you to deal with your phone’s documents, text mail, and incoming calls from any PC. You can as well manage your device slightly using the service, and it’s accessible for the computer, Mac, and the network. Using this site, you can manage all of your Android appliance content from others at ease consumer interface along with the trustworthy facilitate of the mouse. You can as well add and eliminate apparatus from the device, restore applications and also make lots of various actions. Another attractive benefit is that you can write the post from the network browser’s interface and as well directly send them to the Android appliance, using the separate ease that this need.

Features of ernoid app

If you’ve always tried to take a photo or file off of your mobile phone without having to an alternative to e-mail it, you recognize what a great effort it can be. Ernoid secures that by linking its desktop apps directly with your mobile phone so receiving files across devices is a draft. To move other than that, you’ll require upgrading to Pro, which strike that up to limitless? It as well has a few more benefits, like totaling more strategy to your version and permits you to remotely manage your device’s camera to make a safety camera for your house. Generally, the service is value it if you’d like to have allowed to your messages and files from your android phone on your PC.