The prices on the perfume market vary drastically. In case you wonder why we’ll uncover this mystery here. But frankly, there’s no mystery. There’s just quality of the ingredients. The most expensive perfumes are made from only natural ingredients of the highest quality. Let’s find out which ones.

The most expensive perfume ingredient

The musk is the most expensive because in order to get it you need to kill a male musk deer. However, modern knowledge and technologies allow perfume labs to avoid that. There is a synthetic version which saves deer’s life and people’s money.

Other expensive ingredients

When you come across a perfume with oud, you can see that it’s a very pricey one. In fact, this ingredient is the second most expensive element in the perfume industry. Only 2% of agar trees can produce it. That’s why Kilian’s Rose Oud Perfume will cost you over $500 per bottle.

If you wish to get natural perfume but can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on it, you should sitio web and look for a perfume with orris or rose oils. The Bulgarian rose is the best kind of rose oil and it costs about $200 per 1/8 of an ounce.

Most of these ingredients are really hard to get or make. For instance, you need one ton of bulbs and 5 years to make 4 pounds of orris. This is what makes such perfume unique and outstanding.