In the twelve years that have passed since the release of the debut album of the band, Arctic Monkeys experienced a large number of changes. All this is clear from the studio recordings. The last album shows even more dramatic changes in the sound.

The history of changes

The first album was really British, but this didn’t stop the band from recording the second album “Humbug” inspired by American stoner rock. After that was an elegant and very English in its spirit “Suck It And See” release and “AM”, implicated in hip-hop and R’n’B. The last one included plenty of hit singles that have already become the special stories of the band. Listen to all releases of the band at download free popular songs and also find other interesting songs.

The strangest album ever

“Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino” is the most unexpected and strange album of the band. Anyway, it will definitely take a special place in Arctic Monkeys’ discography. It may seem deliberately monotonous, but you need to give it some time. Working on new songs, the leader, Alex Turner, composed songs on the piano, not guitar as usual. This is very noticeable here. The compositions are all built around keyboards, almost completely without catchy guitar riffs. There are many interesting references to the works of Serge Gainsbourg, The Beach Boys, Bowie and Marvin Gay in this album. The songwriter raises the topics of modern technology, politics and even religion, but does it with his classic irony and humor.