Switzerland has a stable, fairly stable economic background for investing in the field of innovative business, including fintech and other areas. In the process of registering a company, start-up entrepreneurs can choose one of the Swiss cities most favorable for their business as a whole. The Swiss government provides financial assistance by adopting tax and benefit legislation.

Switzerland is known as a country with a highly qualified, stable Swiss labor force, including in the field of fintech and IT. Hiring such employees. This makes it possible even for start-up companies to receive high profits from activities, and for existing ones – to maintain this profit at the right level.

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Based on statistics, a multitude of fintech companies operates in the field of cryptocurrency, research and development of smartphones and the introduction of other technical innovations.

If you are an entrepreneur, investor, or are just planning to create your own business, you can choose at your discretion a canton to create or develop a company, but note that there are more profitable Swiss cantons to do this, for example Zug, considered as a crypto-valley and business card of investment in business in Switzerland.