There are many changes are made under MLA formats that are very essential to ensure the reliability of research papers. The revised edition of MLA addresses the graduate’s students. In simple word you can say that it will help you to know about the exact source of information and very helpful in eliminating the case of plagiarism.

All new upgrades in MLA formats

MLA contains various rules in citing many types of sources; however, the eighth edition of it ensures that all students must know about the real and exact format of MLA while writing journal articles, books, magazines or newspapers.

How to identify MLA Format

It is very easy to identify it in parenthetical citations. And when the has two or more authors than it is required to write the surname in parenthesis followed by the information given in the source and if writer is citing from any website then they are required provide the information of source from where information is available. Sometimes source may not have author in that case you can use title as a reference.

Hence MLA is suitable for all types of referencing style because it will provide large varieties of option to cite