It’s not hard to make extra money filling out medical surveys if you are a doctor or other medical worker. There are several panels and websites devoted to this niche in particular. While you can get a complete list at SurveyClarity, we’ll focus on the most popular ones in the USA.

The best panels for medical surveys

Check out Inspired Opinions since this is one of the best panels out there. Created by Schlesinger, it can be used whenever it’s convenient for you. Take surveys online, by phone, or even in person! You can redeem as little as $10 in gift cards.

Another US website to help you make money taking medical surveys is e-rewards Medical. The peculiarity of this project is that you can’t join it just like that. It’s an invite-only panel. However, they occasionally open their doors. Whenever you see this opportunity, send your request and wait for the approval.

A worldwide platform

Popular not only in the USA but all over the world is MedPanel. This website is for 18+ (just like the rest). They always look for skilled medical professionals. Before you get accepted, you need to go through a very detailed application process. However, it’s totally worth it. Every survey brings you from $15 to over $100.

Medical skills allow making much more money for taking surveys. When you know where to look for the specifically picked ones, of course.